There was nothing intentional about this, it was purely an accident

Publication Date: 2024-05-16

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A fire in the 100 block of Marshal Drive in Forest Hill left one man dead and the house in shambles. It was a situation that turned deadly Tuesday morning. A couple who live on Marshal Drive in Forest Hill heard noises outside their home.

Figinski and her husband found out seconds later it was much worse than they thought.

"He came to the door and looked out and he said oh my god that house is on fire," said Figinski.

"There were multiple reports of an explosion within the home," said Oliver Alkire, Spokesman for the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office.

The Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company along with the Maryland State Fire Marshal arrived on scene.

"Upon arrival they immediately discovered heavy fire throughout the home. Firefighters were also told that there was possibly someone entrapped," said Alkire.

Alkire said the front door may have been open, causing the fire to accelerate. One person was found dead inside and while the identity of the person is not being released at this time, the Fire Marshal's office has an idea of what caused the fire.

"I can confirm that he was on home oxygen and that multiple oxygen cylinders did explode within the home," said Alkire.

"One of the possible scenarios that we are looking at is that the victim was actually smoking while he was on home oxygen."

Alkire said the person may have even tried to put the fire out.

"There was nothing intentional about this, it was purely an accident," said Alkire. "This is just one of those case scenarios where we always say once you discover the fire get out, stay out."

A man neighbors say was friendly, "He would say hi to us and would talk with my husband about the lawn work and so forth," said Figinski.

Figinski said a woman who also lived in the home, was not there when the explosion happened.

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